Example of a wedding reception setup in one of the cabins at Camp Starfish

Thank you for considering Starfish as the venue for your next group event. We are confident that Camp Starfish will offer you a memorable and meaningful experience. All proceeds from group rentals directly contribute to our Campership Fund, which is a Financial Aid program designed to assist families in sending their children to camp. Therefore, booking with us not only creates wonderful memories but also supports our campers.

Our camp is situated on a tranquil inlet of Lake Monomonac, nestled amidst 43 acres of stunning New Hampshire woodland, with a private shoreline of half a mile. Despite our rustic location, we are conveniently located within 10 minutes of basic amenities.

Our facility is equipped with a diverse range of amenities and activities, and our experienced staff is on hand to ensure that your group’s needs are met. We are happy to organize and lead activities, provide set-up assistance, or operate discreetly in the background while ensuring that the coffee is freshly brewed.

We recommend booking early, as space is limited and tends to fill up quickly. Although we conduct our programming in the spring and summer, we are open for bookings from September to early October.

Facility and Amenities

For your wedding, school retreat, or special event, we offer the option to book either half of our site or the entire venue!

Main Camp

We welcome day groups of all sizes, with overnight accommodations for approximately 180.

Main camp is a traditional rustic camp experience and the majority of the Starfish facilities are located here.

The Dining Hall

Nestled by Lake Monomonac, a wooden lodge serves as a picturesque setting for a large dining/meeting/event space that accommodates over 160 individuals. This space features a screened annexed area, a striking stone fireplace, and well-appointed bathroom facilities, alongside a full commercial kitchen. The venue is equipped with Wi-Fi to cater to the needs of modern events.

Please note that the full commercial kitchen is reserved for licensed caterers who require an onsite kitchen and is not accessible to guests. For further information and clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.


This is the Starfish version of an amphitheater right outside of the Dining Hall. It features wooden benches, a stage, and a fire pit overlooking the lake.

The Chapel

Nestled in the heart of the Starfish site, lies a magnificent stone and wood beam chapel that boasts panoramic views of the surrounding woodlands and lake, thanks to its large screen windows. The Chapel features a raised wooden platform, complete with a striking stone altar, adding to its rustic charm.

Our chapel offers rustic wooden benches for seating, but should you prefer an alternative option, we welcome guests to rent chairs from a vendor of their choosing.


Upon entering camp through the main entrance, guests are greeted by a large field and several structures on the outskirts, such as a Gaga Pit, playground, a tetherball pole, a sand volleyball court, and a charming wooden pavilion.

Nestled in the woods of the field, guests can also find our rustic challenge course and our high ropes course. For those who are interested in a more structured and guided experience, we encourage you to contact us.

Waterfronts and water usage

At Starfish, we are delighted to offer our guests access to three beaches, two of which are situated within the Main camp area. Star beach, while not guarded or open for swimming, serves as an ideal spot to sunbathe on the beach or engage in some morning yoga.

The main camp waterfront,remains the most popular attraction of our camp. Here, guests can enjoy swimming and take advantage of our fleet of canoes and ocean kayaks.

Please note that there is an additional cost for the use of our equipment, as well as the provision of Starfish certified lifeguards.

Additional Outdoor Spaces

In addition to our main amenities, there are several other outdoor spaces at Starfish that guests can explore and enjoy.

One such area features an old fire pit surrounded by a circle of swinging benches, offering a perfect spot to unwind and take a break from the sun.

Our Imagination Playground, another unique space, features a mulched area that’s perfect for outdoor exploration or team-building games.

The Checkerboard and the garden, both located just outside the Dining Hall, make for excellent gathering places or spots to simply relax and unwind.

Lastly, the Blacktop and Savanna provide ample room for setting up lawn games or outdoor tents, ideal for hosting an outdoor reception.

Additional Housing Options

For guests seeking a more comfortable and less rustic experience, Starfish offers a variety of buildings in the main camp area that cater to specific needs. These include small-group living spaces and individual rooms that are perfect for group leaders, bridal parties, and families with young children.

Unlike our cabins, these buildings feature “home-style” bathrooms and showers, providing a more familiar and comfortable experience. The available spaces include Sanctuary, The Lair/Cave, Healthy House, and Dwelling, each with its own unique charm and amenities to suit different needs and preferences.

Crescent Camp

Crescent is available to rent on its own, or as an addition to a Main Camp rental package.

Crescent Lodge

The Lodge is the main building at our Crescent camp, offering over 3,600 square feet of indoor space and conveniently located just a short walk away on a forest path from Main Camp. It is available for events outside of summer months, with a maximum capacity of 35 people. The Lodge is equipped with air conditioning and heating to ensure your comfort in any weather conditions, as well as wifi for your convenience.

The main floor of the Lodge features a dining area, bathrooms, and small commercial kitchen. Upstairs, there are four dorm-style bedrooms and two sets of private bathrooms with shower stalls and toilets.

Please note that the commercial kitchen is reserved for licensed caterers who require an onsite kitchen and is not accessible to guests. For further information and clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition to the indoor space, the Lodge offers a variety of outdoor amenities, including a fire pit, field, parking, and playgrounds. The private Crescent Beach, with a peaceful swimming area, is just a short distance away. We offer kayaks, canoes, and PFDs for guests to enjoy on the lake. For a facilitated boating experience, we have four small islands on the lake, accessible by boating from any of the camp’s beaches or by a short swim from Crescent Beach. These islands, including the popular Blueberry Island, are part of a protected area of the lake known as Starfish Cove, thanks to the hard work of our friends and neighbors.

The Grove

The Grove is our camping area, located a short walk from Crescent Lodge. It features two tent platforms and a fire pit, with a nearby spigot for fresh, drinkable water. The nearest bathrooms are located in Crescent Lodge. In the summer months, we offer heavy-duty camping tents for guest use at an additional charge. Cots are also available to rent for a more comfortable experience.

Additionally, there is ample space available for tent camping. Guests are welcome to bring their own tents or rent one from us.

Please note that RVs are not permitted on site, as per town ordinance.

Additional Items

Starfish has many resources available to help you with your plans while you’re on site with us. We can help with team building, facilitation, food service and events.


  • 8ft plastic rectangular tables
  • Rustic metal folding chairs
  • Wifi in main buildings (Crescent Lodge and Dining Hall)
  • 3-4 Starfish Staff for on-site assistance

Rentable at an extra cost

  • 70” large round tables
  • Projector and screen, with set up
  • Speakers, Microphone, and sound system
  • Dishware, serving equipment, dishwasher use
  • Rustic Food Service Options

Seeking a Facilitated Experience?

Are you interested in team building or training opportunities for your group? At Camp Starfish, we specialize in providing facilitated experiences to groups of all ages. Whether your group is just getting to know each other or has been together for years, we can tailor our activities to meet your specific needs.

Our spacious site offers a variety of areas that can be used to facilitate different types of experiences. From raft building challenges to high ropes team building exercises, we have a wide range of games and activities to choose from. Additionally, we are always open to suggestions and can work with you to create a customized experience that meets your unique goals and objectives.

What our guests are saying!

“We loved Camp Starfish! We had so many people traveling from all over, and it was so cool to have our bridal party and a lot of our guests staying together in both the main guest house and the smaller second building.The staff were exceptional in their patience during the whole process answering all of our questions. The chapel was absolutely gorgeous and the camp being on the lake was perfect for pictures! There was a kitchen on site, and the mess hall was great for the reception space. And what an amazing organization to work with too! We were so happy!”

– Ashley D, 5 out of 5 stars

“Camp Starfish made the perfect location for our camp wedding weekend! I was sold on the location the minute I walked into their chapel in the woods. It must have been the way the sunlight filtered through the trees and danced on the chapel floors that made me realize that this is where I wanted to get married. The staff were so accommodating. We had the camp for the weekend and a storm blew through Friday night during the welcome dinner. The staff made sure all the bunks had space heaters accessible and checked in with everyone to make sure they were warm in those conditions. Which being so last minute definitely put the bride at ease. Weekend long weddings are not an easy task but Camp Starfish seemed to always put us at ease in general. The next day the weather cooperated and we celebrated most of the day with family in a relaxed comfortable setting provided by the camp’s amenities. We can’t wait to follow up with them and send some of our favorite pictures throughout the camp. My family is even considering making reservations for family reunions and retreats to be held here in the future! Thank you camp starfish!”

– Becky S, 5 out of 5 stars

Contact Us!

To schedule a tour of our facilities and learn more about what we offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information, you can contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone at (978) 637-2617.

We are excited to hear from you and help you host your perfect event!


Although it is not permitted to hang anything from the rafters in the cabins due to fire codes, we do provide hooks in the Dining Hall for your convenience. You are welcome to use these hooks to hang any lights you require. Additionally, you can enhance your outdoor experience by setting up solar lights around the camp or in the trees. We are happy to assist you with vendor coordination as well!

While they may not match your style, they do stay up all your round. If you would like to cover them up with a tapestry or curtain, that is fine, as long as they don’t damage the building!

Rindge, NH is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and outdoor recreation opportunities. Here are some nearby attractions and activities that visitors may enjoy exploring:

  • Mount Monadnock: A popular hiking destination located just a short drive from Rindge. This iconic mountain offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and is a favorite among hikers of all skill levels.
  • Shattuck Golf Club: A beautiful 18-hole golf course located in Jaffrey, NH. The course is known for its challenging layout and stunning views of Mount Monadnock.
  • Annett State Park: A small, scenic park located on the shores of Gregg Lake. The park offers swimming, boating, and fishing opportunities, as well as picnic areas and hiking trails.
  • Peterborough, NH: A neighboring town that offers additional outdoor recreation opportunities, as well as shopping, dining, and cultural attractions.

Overall, Rindge and the surrounding area offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure and relaxation, as well as access to nearby towns and attractions.

Unfortunately, docking a boat is not possible due to insurance and space constraints. However, if you would like to enjoy the water, we have kayaks and canoes available for rent.

We regret to inform you that we do not allow pets on the property. This is to ensure the safety of both our guests and the wildlife in the surrounding area. Thank you for understanding.

Yes, we do have a designated prep space available for use, although it is not located within our main kitchen. Additionally, we have a large fridge that you can use to store any food or drinks that you need to keep cold during your stay. Please feel free to ask our staff for directions to the designated prep space and fridge.

To ensure the safety of all guests, we do not permit guests to bring their own motorized vehicles to our site, except for standard vehicles. However, you are welcome to rent golf carts from a vendor if needed. Bicycles are permitted, but please note that storage space may be limited.

Regrettably, the use of flame candles is not permitted on our site due to safety concerns related to our old buildings. However, you are welcome to use alternative lighting options, such as battery powered candles, to create the atmosphere you desire for your ceremony or reception.

To ensure that we maintain good relationships with our neighbors and abide by the sound ordinance regulations of the town, we kindly ask that there be no amplified music after 10 pm. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain a peaceful environment for everyone in the area..

Yes, beer and wine is permitted with insurance. Other alcohol, such as liquor, requires a licensed bartender in addition to insurance.

Yes, campfires are permitted in designated fire pits. Starfish provides the firewood for you!

In order to maintain our site, we kindly request that guests take with them any personal items they brought. During your event, our staff will happily manage trash removal, restroom maintenance, and other necessary tasks. However, we ask that you leave our facilities in the same condition in which they were found. Thank you for your cooperation.

Yes, if you are serious about booking with us, this will be an important piece in the onboarding process.

To secure a reservation for your event, we require a tour and a deposit payment. The deposit is 25% of the estimated total cost of your event.

Table of Contents

Photo of Danielle Lubbers

Danielle Lubbers

Danielle joined Camp Starfish in the spring of 2023 as Camp Director. Originally working with the Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay, Danielle has ten years of experience providing programming to children, outdoor skills training for adults, and directing overnight summer camp experiences.

In her spare time, Danielle enjoys spending time with her two-year old Dalmatian, Mia. Danielle’s favorite activity at camp is raft building, as she enjoys seeing campers and staff work together to complete a team goal. Her favorite Camp Starfish Tool is “We are here to learn, grow, and have fun!”

Staff photo of David

David Mahnken

David Mahnken is Camp Starfish’s Mental Health Consultant. He provides staff training each summer on topics such as self-care, trauma-informed care practices, and health & wellness. David also provides support and consultation to the organization throughout the year. David holds a BA from St. Olaf College and an MSW from Simmons University. David is a LICSW who works in emergency services in addition to his own private practice in Massachusetts.

Prior to becoming a social worker, David’s first experience at camp was as a counselor in the early 2000s before becoming an administrator and member of the year-round team. His favorite camp activity is swim-I (swim instruction), and his favorite Camp Starfish Tool is: “We make camp a safe place.”

Staff photo of Joe

Joe Clark

As the Assistant Director at Camp Starfish, Joe is a seasoned professional who is well-versed in all aspects of camp life. With five years of summer work at Starfish, he brings extensive experience and expertise to the camp year-round. Joe is from the UK, and holds a degree from Keele University. Joe works as a support worker in the UK, providing care to individuals with disabilities, since 2019. Joe also engages in volunteer work, including spending three months in Abrobiano, Ghana.

Joe is known at camp for his charming English accent, which campers often try to replicate! His favorite camp activity is playing soccer (football) on the field, and his favorite Camp Starfish Tool is: “I take responsibility for my actions.”

Staff photo of Rachel

Rachel Roberts

Rachel Roberts is the Director of Staff Experience at Camp Starfish, responsible for all things staffing and groups. With a degree in Anthropology, and a Certificate in Global Citizenship from Franklin Pierce University, Rachel brings a unique perspective to her role. She oversees hiring, onboarding, retention, and staff appreciation for the 100+ seasonal staff at Camp Starfish each summer. Rachel has been a part of the Starfish team since 2016, working in various seasonal roles. She joined the Year-Round Team full-time in 2022.

As a lifelong New Hampshire resident, Rachel enjoys hiking in the woods with her dog, Clover. Her favorite camp activity is Free Play, and her favorite Camp Starfish Tool is: “We respect each other’s differences.”

Staff photo of Kristie

Kristie Martin

Kristie Martin is Camp Starfish’s Program Director, responsible for ensuring that each camper receives a structured, supportive, and fun program during both summer and year-round weekends. With her degree in Applied Psychology & Human Development from the Lynch School of Education at Boston College, Kristie has a deep understanding of child development and uses this knowledge to create a nurturing environment for all campers.

Kristie grew up in the Monadnock region and takes pride in being a local. Kristie’s favorite camp activity is the Camper Talent Show, which she believes is the perfect opportunity for campers to showcase their skills and feel comfortable sharing with the community. Her favorite Camp Starfish Tool is, “I try my best, I do not have to be the best.”

Staff photo of Sarah

Sarah York

Sarah York is the Director of Operations at Camp Starfish, joining the team in the Spring of 2022. She brings with her a wealth of professional experience working in both mental health and human resources. Sarah’s role at Camp Starfish is crucial in ensuring that camp runs smoothly, and she is available to assist families every step of the way through the registration process. If you call the Starfish office, Sarah will likely be who you speak with first!

With her dedication to helping others and her commitment to creating a positive camp experience for every child, it’s no wonder that her favorite Camp Starfish Tool is: “We are members of a team.”

Staff photo of Jamie

Jamie Mahnken

Jamie Mahnken is Camp Starfish’s Executive Director, and has been an integral part of the Camp Starfish community since 2010, serving in a variety of roles. With a degree in Business Administration and Organizational Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University, Jamie is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for every camper, staff member, and volunteer.

As a North Carolina native, Jamie enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. Her favorite camp activity is kayaking to Blueberry Island, which is a meaningful and memorable experience for many campers, as well. Jamie’s favorite Camp Starfish Tool is: “I am flexible and open to change.”