What to Know About Staff Training

Campers smiling at Camp Starfish

While training is long, it is very beneficial to being a successful specialist as Camp Starfish. We hope that after reading this you are a little more prepared about what to expect this summer!

What to expect when you sign on with Starfish!

Campers writing with chalkat Camp Starfish

There are many things that run through our brain when we choose to accept a new job, right? And a million more things when you are going to be living and working in the same place! Here are some things to expect once you have signed that contract for the summer! Arriving at Camp and […]

The Therapeutic Benefits of Camp Starfish

Smiling Camp Counselor and camper boy at Camp Starfish

Program Background Especially created for children with social, emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges, the Starfish program provides an extensively structured, nurturing and predictable environment, coupled with an atmosphere of continuous positive reinforcement, skill development and both physical and emotional safety. Camp Starfish is a place where every camper is working to build their personal inventory […]

The Starfish Story

2 camper boys at Camp Starfish

Camp Starfish was developed to provide highly individualized attention to children who, in many cases, would otherwise not be able to access these crucial services. As such, the organization was named after a widely-known adaptation of The Star Thrower, originally by Loren Eiseley, inspired by the vision that individualized attention can help children to begin […]