A200pix19The tradition of staff Torchgroups began at Starfish in 2006 and has quickly become one of the most eagerly anticipated parts of our annual staff training. Torchgroups offer an opportunity for every staff member to participate in a small mentoring group during their introduction to Starfish. The specific “torch” concept was born out of the idea that each group leader is passing on his/her knowledge and love of Camp Starfish to new staff (carrying the torch forward each summer). 

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The names of the torch groups were meticulously chosen to represent attributes that we, as a camp, value in our staff team and camp community. Every summer the current Administrators (our "torchbearers") choose which torch they think best suits their passions and strengths. The Torchgroups include: Leadership, Enthusiasm, Honor and Integrity, Belief and Empowerment, Respect, Community, Patience, Compassion, Fun and Safety, Dedication, Friendship, and Acceptance.

Every staff member is randomly placed into one of the Torchgroups at the beginning of staff training. Led by your Torchbearer, your small group of 6-8 staff will get to know each other through additional teambuilders and small-group discussions. Your Torchbearer is a returning staff member, so they'll be able to answer your questions. Torchgroups meet again during Intersession trainings, and your Torchbearer will check in with you regularly during the summer to see how everything is going.

torchgames logoThe Torchgroup Games, a friendly competition amongst Torchgroups, lasts throughout staff training; trophies include the "Barrel of Monkeys," the "Photo Finish," and the "Light it Up" amongst others. Many staff proudly display their trophies during the summer. Throughout training, there are plenty of opportunities for your Torchgroup to earn points, including trivia challenges, relays, spirit, and role play participation. Opening Ceremony for the Games is held on the first night of training. 



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