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200pixpic072If you've gotten this far, hopefully it means that you're thinking seriously about applying to join our team! We're happy to hear that and look forward to your application. Please note that our staff to camper ratio is an essential part of what sets our campers up for success, and being there on a camper's last day is just as important as being there to welcome them at drop off. Due to the importance of this aspect of our program, Starfish requires all hired staff to make the full-season commitment
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2021 Salary, Bonus & Benefits


We know you’re not in it for the money. Still, it helps to know as you’re considering a position with us how you will be compensated. Here’s how the benefits break down:

Room (Housing), Board (All Meals) & Laundry
All room, board, and laundry is provided to staff free of charge. You'll have a space to sleep, a place store your clothing and belongings, and yummy meals and snacks each day. We send laundry out to a professional service weekly and it comes back to you folded and clean - all you have to provide is the laundry bag! Due to COVID protocols, in 2021 staff will be expected to stay on site during the entirety of their contract.

Paid Time Off (Daily & Weekly)
You receive time off each day as well as a portion of time each night after kids are in bed. You also receive days off which you can use to relax and recharge. There is a staff-only area on camp where you can grab a shower, take a nap, get WiFi access, have a snack, go for a swim (when lifeguards are on duty, of course) and just enjoy your downtime away from the hustle and bustle of main camp. 

Appreciation & Support
We know how hard our staff members work and we want you to know how much we appreciate it! We can't give you all the secret details here, but rest assured that we have many ways to show you how much you matter to us! We know you'll enjoy the staff appreciation events our Director of Staff Experience and their team puts on. In addition, our supportive, welcoming camp community makes it feel like you're working with friends - which is how work should be! And, if you're having a hard day or need to talk things out, we have a great staff support system in place, up to and including access to a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. We're committed to making sure you are taken care of while you're with us!  

Staff Transportation
We offer all staff free transportation to and from camp at the beginning and end of the summer from our closest city hub: Boston, MA. Additionally, we have a camp driver who lives outside the Bubble, which offers staff access to things like food delivery (no need to call GrubHub or UberEats), curbside pickups from local shopping, and even coffee delivery. :)

Any certifications we offer you are at our cost and for you to keep and benefit from indefinitely. Additionally, if you desire, we will work with you to get school credit for the training and work you do at Starfish. 

Shorter 2021 Season
In 2021, our shorter (6 week total!) season means you can be on staff at camp AND have plenty of time for other pursuits as well. You don't have to choose between spending time with family and friends at home or your dream camp job. #Winning!


Salary & "Boosts" (Bonuses)
Our pay scale is structured so you can see what you’ll be making, based on your qualifications, tenure at camp, skills, and even your ability to recruit friends to work with you (referral bonuses). Download a PDF or see the JPG below:


2021 Seasonal Staff Salaries Final 001

2021 Staff Dates


The Commitment You are Making
When you accept a job at Camp Starfish, you’ll be committing to stay at camp for the full length of the summer dates. In 2021, that will be approximately 6 weeks. 
All staff members are required to work the entire summer, because the children’s successes are largely contingent on our ability to provide them with consistency and individualized, 1-to-1 programming. Also, because we’re a small camp (approximately 35 campers and 75 staff), we hire only the staff we need for the summer. Each person’s role is therefore incredibly important to the success of our team and to ensuring that camp runs safely and is fun for all. Please double-check the dates below (or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions) before applying, to save yourself from being disappointed that no partial-summer work is available. 
In 2021, this commitment is even more important than ever. COVID PROTOCOLS FOR 2021 mean that staff MAY NOT start the season late or work a partial season, because we cannot introduce new individuals to our closed campus at random times. For general staff, the commitment will be less than 6 weeks. 
The benefit of our shorter season in 2021 is that you can have the awesome experience of working at camp AND do all the other fun summer things you have planned! 
2021 Camp Dates
You will not work every single day during your contracted dates. These dates include paid time off during training as well as during the sessions. The Intersession Reset is an extended period of paid time off for all staff as well. The in-session time-off schedules are determined at the start of the summer and that process will be explained to you during staff training.
A Note About Planning Your Travel to Camp
We do not recommend booking tickets for travel until you have confirmed your role with our Director of Staff Experience (DSE). Specific travel details will be provided to you once you are officially hired which will add clarification to the arrivals and departures process, allowing you to make the best decision about travel. Staff are responsible for confirming their start dates with the DSE and booking travel so as to arrive ready for training.

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