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Welcome to Camp Starfish!

We're glad you dropped by! Each year, we hire over 100 staff to join our summer team as interns, counselors, supervisors, support staff and more. Here on our website, you can learn all about a summer experience at Starfish and fill out an application. Here's the very basic outline:

Camp Starfish is a not-for-profit residential camp which serves children between the ages of 7 and 16 who have emotional, behavioral, social and learning challenges.  Using a combination of traditional camp programs combined with an industry-unique one-to-one staff to camper ratio, we have created a different kind of place - one that meets the needs of children who have not been successful in other programs.  Our campers experience success and fun at camp because of the individualized attention they receive from talented, creative, amazing staff (like you!). 

Our campers – and staff – live in cabins, eat in the dining hall, swim in the lake, have fun during “free play,” participate in activities together, and build a camp community which is both similar to – and as unique as – other summer camps. The main thing is (as one of our Starfish Tools says), “we come to camp to Learn, Grow, and Have Fun.” 

We are looking for outstanding people who have the ability and desire to work with children who need positive role models, mentors and leadership.  All of the staff who come to work at Camp Starfish have one thing in common: they are looking to make a difference!  Our staff come from all over the USA and the world.  In general, our staff are ages 18 to 35, and are college students, graduates, school teachers and young professionals. As a staff member at Camp Starfish, you will have an opportunity to meet and work with people who have a diverse range of experiences and who come from many different cultures and backgrounds. Room and board are included as part of your benefits package, as well as a seasonal salary, paid time off both daily and weekly (camp is close to Boston and many great sightseeing, hiking, shopping and relaxing places to spend time off!), extensive training (including certifications, if you’d like), and more! Internship credit for school is available and supervised by our professional year-round staff team. 

We hope that you’ll consider putting in an ap­pli­ca­tion to become a member of our staff team, and encourage you to check out the site to learn more. The links at the left will show you around the staff section. We look forward to hopefully seeing your application or hearing from you soon! Please don't hesitate to email me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or call me at the office (US 978-637-2617) if you'd like to chat!

With best regards,


Rachel Roberts
Director of Staff Experience

P.S. — Want to see, firsthand, what your experience could look like this summer? Check out our video!

P.P.S. — Definitely check out our Staff Guide to Summer @ Starfish! Hear from staff alumni where their Starfish summer led, and learn more about what a Starfish summer can do for you while you're busy at camp changing lives. Click the image to open a FlipGorilla interactive flipbook


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