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Ski Weekend FAQ

Is the ski weekend similar to Summer Camp and Weekenders?
Nope. The ski weekend, which is put on by our Retreat Center team, is an opportunity for family and friends to spend quality time together, like a vacation at a resort. A (very small) team of staff will be working, helping with food service, site assistance, and initial orientation at the mountain. The staff team will not supervise or take care of children at any time. Supervision and care falls entirely on parents/guardians both at Crescent Lodge and Wachusett. 
Why is Starfish offering a weekend other than just to campers? 
With the completion of our year-round building, we are able to expand offerings to the winter season and invite more individuals to enjoy all that our lakeside home has to offer! Additionally, programs sponsored by our Retreats department help subsidize the costs of providing therapeutic programs like summer camp and Weekenders respite to our wonderful campers. Lastly, our camper weekends have a 1:1 ratio, and our staff volunteer to return from colleges across the country to host our campers. Weekends like the Ski Weekend do not require such intensive staffing and therefore can be offered on weekends where our larger teams of staff and volunteers are unavailable.
Is there a shuttle/bus service from Camp Starfish to Wachusett ?
Guests will need to make their own travel arrangements to and from Wachusett. Most guests will have the  vehicle they drove in to camp and use that to go to and from the mountain. It's a 25 minute drive and parking is free at the mountain. We recommend departing camp by 9 AM on Saturday morning to arrive at the mountain by 9:30 am. 
How long do we have at the mountain?
The ski pass can be used from 9am - 4pm. You should plan on arriving at the mountain no later than 9:30am to receive your pass and directions from the Starfish representative. 
What if I don't need equipment rental or lessons? 
You are welcome to use your own ski/snowboard equipment. If you are bringing your own skis/snowboard please store them in your vehicle whilst at camp. Lessons are optional and you are welcome to do your own thing at the mountain if you prefer. As is the case when you are on site at camp, you are responsible for any minors in your group while at the mountain. 
Can I get a pass to access the whole mountain?
Yes. The pass included in the package allows for a fun day with plenty of trails and options, including two carpet lifts (Ollie's & Easy Rider) as well as the Monadnock Quad Chairlift. But, if you would like freedom to use the more advanced trails, we can definitely arrange for a full mountain pass at an additional cost ($20 extra per person). You may choose this option on the registration form. Click here to see a trail map
Will there be staff at the mountain to watch the kids while the gown ups have fun?
No. At the mountain we encourage you to spend time together as a family. There will be no Starfish or Wachusett staff to supervise children. Wachusett may have rules specific to how minors must be supervised and Starfish requests that parents discuss responsible skiing and respect for Ski Patrollers prior to heading up the mountain. 
Where can I find additional information on skiing at Wachusett?
For details about the mountain, conditions, trail maps, etc., visit if you have questions specific to the passes and ski/board options for the Starfish Ski Weekend, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Camp Starfish.
Tell me more about meals?
The ski weekend includes four meals provided by Starfish at the Crescent Lodge. Dinner on Friday, breakfast and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Saturday. Lunch is not provided to enable you to maximum flexibility with your ski plans; there are multiple food options at Wachusett and even more within a 5-10 minute drive of the mountain. Attendance at Starfish meals is not required. You are welcome to arrange your own meals off site but this will not change the package price. For the health and safety of all, we do not allow food into the dorm rooms and ask that you do not bring any peanut or tree-nut items onto camp. 
Can you cater to specific dietary needs?
We sure can. The registration form will inquire about the dietary needs of your group. Please note that we are cooking for a group, so while we are able to accomodate allergies, gluten-free needs, etc., we are not able to take specific requests for your favorite menu items. :)
What activities will be available at Crescent Lodge?
We know many guests will be arriving late on Friday and getting up early to ski Saturday, then likely returning tired Saturday evening. The activities back at camp will be low-key and are completely optional. We have a number of board and table top games at the Lodge you are welcome to use. Weather permitting, we plan on having a campfire and family-friendly movie night. Guests are also welcome to explore the grounds around Crescent Lodge and make use of the outside space. The lake and Camp Starfish site outside of Crescent will not be available.
What time is check out on Sunday?
Check-out on Sunday is no later than noon (12 PM).  
Can we ski/board on Sunday as well?
As an add-on, we can set you up with a pass for Sunday as well. There is an additional cost for this. Please select this option on your registration form if you would like to hit the slopes for another day. 
What are some house rules we should know for staying at Crescent Lodge? 
This is a family oriented weekend and your group and personal behavior must reflect this. Disrespectful or dangerous behavior on the part of adults will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave immediately without refund. Adults are expected to address disruptive behavior by minors in their group and Starfish does reserve the right to require parents to remove children from the premises if behavior becomes dangerous or significantly disruptive to other guests. Smoking is not permitted on site including vaping/dip/e-cigarettes etc. Illegal drugs, marijuana in any form, alcohol, weapons, and pets are not allowed on site. "Keep it PG" is a good frame of reference to ensure that everyone has clean, safe fun. 
Does our group get our own room(s)?
Accommodation at the Lodge is dorm style with bunk beds. You should expect to be assigned to a shared room with other guests and make new friends - similar to staying in a hostel. Washrooms are single-gender with private stall toilets and showers with private changing areas. There are also common areas to hang out and relax in case others in your room are trying to sleep. 
Do you have a packing list?
Once you register, you will receive a confirmation packet including a packing list, directions to camp, a schedule for the weekend, and other logistical details. But we definitely recommend warm clothes. :)
I have more questions?
The Ski Weekend is organized by our Programs and Services Director, Joe. He can be reached via e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or cell at 978-331-0031.

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