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How is camp different from Weekenders programming?
Starfish is proud to be a program where campers with diverse needs can find success and have safe fun. While our summer camp programs are extremely highly structured and tightly scheduled, our respite program is significantly more low-key.
At Weekenders, our day has a schedule that is forecasted and previewed for campers, but activity periods are more loosely organized; for example, if campers choose to sit out and watch a kickball game, they will be encouraged to join in and given options for how to do so, but provided they stay safely with the group, that's OK. Transitions are more casual because campers are not split into activity groups; rather, we gather back up as a full group and announce where everyone is going next. This can take a little bit of time and a little more patience than when campers know that for each day in a two week session, they go to swim lessons after breakfast. 
In addition, while we still expect campers (and staff!) to use the Starfish Tools and Keys, and we still have a 1:1 ratio, we do not work directly on individual goals during the Weekenders program in the way we focus on them during summer camp. Weekenders is a time for relaxation and a true "respite" - a break and a full focus on fun, within safe limits and while respecting others' right to also have fun. 
If you aren't sure whether the Weekenders style of Starfish programming is going to be right for your camper, we encourage you to talk with a member of our year-round team. Generally, the following criteria help us determine whether a camper is ready for the Weekenders experience:
200pixpic0631) They want to be there. Weekenders is not the place to push being away from home as an "experience" in the way camp can be designed to be. It is not a testing ground for independence. Kids enjoy Weekenders most when they are engaged and having a good time with staff and friends. 
100 08982) They are able to go out in the community safely and without behaving outside appropriately defined boundaries. Weekenders participants go on field trips which include car, van or bus rides, brown-bag lunches (that they make themselves with counselor help), time at a public playground where non-Starfish youth and families are playing, and activities at public places like aquariums, parks, bowling alleys, museums, farms, etc. Participants need to be able to stay with assigned staff, be flexible if plans change a little (with coaching and support from staff), and be able to follow directions. Often times, our Weekenders campers do well on community trips with camp staff that they have not been successful participating in with family members because we do maintain much of our Starfish structure while on the trip. However, it is concerning for everyone if a camper becomes disregulated and overwhelmed while out in the community - so please let us know if you believe this will be a concern. Due to our staffing structure and strict ratios, we are not able to leave campers behind at camp during field trips.
aaphoto23) They have minimal aggressive or high-attention behaviors/incidents. While at camp during the summer program we are prepared and equipped to deal with more consistently aggressive or high-attention behaviors, our Weekenders program is not appropriate for campers who are actively acting out on a routine basis. We do have certified intervention staff on our Weekenders crew; in addition, all of our Weekenders staff are part of our extensively trained summer teams, and at least one year-round director is always present. However, while we certainly expect behavior and are more than happy to encourage participation for campers with infrequently occurring higher needs, at Weekenders we are simply not set up for the constant greater-than-1:1 staffing that persistent heightened behaviors require. 
100 01914) They're ready for a great (unplugged) time! Weekenders is different than camp but it's still super fun! Staff make sure that there is lots to do, and we're basically unplugged just like at summer camp. During Weekenders events, especially those which begin at the end of a long week of school, we watch one movie, usually after dinner. Otherwise, there's no hanging out in front of the TV or immersing oneself in video games - it's all live, person-to-person interactions, just like at summer camp. It's not the way most respite programs work - but we like to be different. 
As with everything at Starfish, the Weekenders experience is going to feel different for each individual camper. Please don't hesitate to reach out to one of us at the year-round office if you would like help deciding if Weekenders is a good match for your camper!  

We are always thrilled to hear that we've helped make someone's day! We take great pride in helping our guests make the most of their experience at Starfish. But don't take our word for it! Check out some of our feedback:


Main Camp

Welcome to Main Camp!

Main camp is our traditional rustic camp experience and the majority of the Starfish facilities are located here.

The Lodge
Our wooden lodge overlooking Lake Monomonac is home to a large dining/meeting/event space for 160+ people with a screened annexed space, full commercial kitchen, three separate breakout spaces, an eye catching stone fireplace, and bathroom facilities.
The Chapel
Buried in the heart of the Starfish site is a stunning stone and wood beam chapel with large screen windows overlooking the surrounding woodlands and lake. The Chapel features a raised wooden platform with stone altAr, multiple power outlets, lighting, and the ability to be transformed into whatever your mind lets you!
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Meeting and Breakout Spaces
On Main camp you’ll find numerous indoor and outdoor meeting spaces for all group sizes and activities. The Starfish amphitheatre is on the steps to the Lodge and features wooden benches, stage, and fire pit overlooking the lake. On the other side of the Lodge is our garden and Checkerboard Patio. On the field you’ll find a shaded pavilion, and in a quiet wooded nook our swinging chair circle and fire pit.

Cabin Accommodations
Main camp accommodation is split between two villages we call Star and Fish (Starfish!) and several smaller unique housing spaces. In the villages, our rustic wooden cabins provide the traditional camp experience. Each cabin has screen doors and windows, bunk beds, electrical outlets, lighting, and lots of cubbie storage space. 

Fish Village is closest to the Lodge and consists of 7 cabins that accommodate 10 people each, one cabin accommodating 20 people (known as "The Longhouse"), and one building for up to 5. Fish village has two bathhouses with individual stall bathrooms and hot showers. 

Star Village is nestled in a wooded area a short walk from the lodge and consists of 4 cabins that accommodate 14 people each. Star village has its own bathhouse with individual stall bathrooms and hot showers.


Additional Housing Options
Main camp is also home to a number of buildings less rustic than cabins and more suitable for specific parties (e.g. group leaders, bridal parties, elderly guests), or for groups/guests looking for a reduced rustic experience. These buildings consist of some small-group living spaces and some individual rooms, all with "home style" bathrooms/showers rather than washhouses. These spaces include Sanctuary, The Lair/Cave, Healthy House, and Dwelling. 


Activities & Amenities

With over 43 acres of woodland and open space, and direct access to Lake Monomonac, the Camp Starfish site is filled with a variety of facilities, resources, and experienced staff providing a wide range of amenities and activities forany group type. Camp Starfish is happy to help organize and lead activities, provide set up assistance, or keep in the background and just make sure the coffee stays fresh. What you will do during your visit is as open as your imagination! Many of our most popular requested options include: 


- Swimming with on-staff lifeguard provided
- Canoeing, kayaking, raft building, beach games
- Beginner & Advanced team building activities
- Basketball and sand volleyball courts
- Children’s playground and GaGa pit!
- Large grass field for sports, games & practices
- Activity support – arts & crafts, athletics, camping, ice breakers etc
- Chapel access for weddings and religious ceremonies
- Spaces for quiet reflection, days of worship, etc.
- Indoor and outdoor meeting/breakout areas


- Large family style cookouts/BBQ
- Full food service – try our tasty dining options!
- Campfires, singing, and s'mores
- Exclusive use of the site
- Community service opportunities - on camp or off
- Facilitated day trips to nearby attractions:
     -Mt. Monadnock,
     -Mt. Watatic
     -White water rafting
     -Pony farm
     -Local events.

Crescent Camp & Conference Center

Welcome to Crescent Camp & Conference Center!

The centerpiece of Crescent Camp is the two story Crescent Lodge, surrounded by a luxurious green field, shaded woodland space and nature trails, a beautiful fire pit and gathering area, and private beach on Lake Monomonac just steps from the Crescent Lodge front door. Crescent Camp is just a short walk through the nature trails to the Chapel, Grove, and Star Village (on Main Camp) for extended site usage. 

Crescent Lodge
Crescent Camp is home to our brand new and beautiful 4-season, 3600+ square foot Lodge, which opened in Summer 2017. It is available year-round for weddings, retreats, conferences, celebrations, private camps and much more! The Lodge also where Camp Starfish runs its awesome Weekenders Respite Program

The beauty of the rustic camp environment is all around you on the Crescent side of camp, but the Crescent Lodge itself is far from a rustic camp experience! The Lodge features:

- Main dining/meeting room
- 2 Breakout rooms
- Air conditioning and heating
Overnight, dormitory-style accommodation for up to 38 people
- Private stall bathrooms and showers
- Group leader room with ensuite bathroom, handicap-accessible bathroom/shower
- Commercial kitchen
- Rec room with air hockey & game tables
- Multi-level deck for outdoor meeting space and views
- and so much more!


Tent Pitching/The Grove

The Grove 
The Grove is a secluded tent site in the woods off the path between Main Camp and Crescent. This site has two heavy-duty canvas "cabin tents" with rain fly and additional ground space for tent pitching. The area is complete with a fire pit, outdoor cooking area, and nearby drinking water. Sturdy bunk-bed cots may be rented or feel free to bring a sleeping mat of your own! 

Tent Pitching 
For the more adventurous groups and guests, you are welcome to pitch a tent for your accommodation. If you don’t own one you can always rent one from us - we have everything from two-person pup tents to 14-person home-away-from-home tents! As you can imagine, the pitching spots are almost unlimited. Access to a campfire circle for cooking and indoor bathroom facilities can be arranged for tent campers. (Per town ordinance, RVs are not allowed). 

Beaches & Islands

Starfish boasts over 1/2 mile of shoreline on beautiful Lake Monomonac and has direct access from several private beaches. 

The Waterfront (at Main Camp)
Our main waterfront offers boating activities such as kayaking and canoeing, as well as swimming and relaxing on the beach. This is the larger of the two beaches on Main Camp and has hosted many celebrations and ceremonies, as well as water relays, beach volleyball, sandcastle making and more. 
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Star Beach (at Main Camp)
Star Beach can be found a few steps from the Lodge and is an ideal place to relax by the lake or watch a stunning New Hampshire sunset. Yoga is a popular activity here, as is fishing and raft-building - an exciting teambuilder or group activity that you shouldn't miss!
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Crescent Beach (at Crescent Camp)
Crescent Beach, so named for its beautiful half-moon shape and gently curving waterfront, offers unlimited options for swimming, boating, fishing, sandcastle making, and fun in the sun. For those celebrating events at Crescent, the beach at sundown is one of our most popular locations. Kayaks, canoes, Corcls (circular kayaks - they're awesome!), and inflatables are all available for use.

Starfish Cove & the Islands 
Starfish has four small islands on the lake, just off the peninsula we call "Far Far Away." The islands can be accessed by boating from any of the camp's beaches or by a short swim from Crescent Beach. Thanks to the hard work of our friends and neighbors on the lake, the islands, (including everyone's favorite stop for some fruit-picking, "Blueberry Island"), are part of a protected area of the lake now known as Starfish Cove.


Recreation Facilities

Starfish has an array of recreational facilities including a blacktop for basketball, outdoor stone human-size checkers board, large playing field with a GaGa pit, sand volleyball court, and children’s playground, walking trails, along with numerous other natural spots for whatever games and activities your group enjoys. 
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Retreat & Event Resources

Starfish has many resources available to help you with your plans while you're on site with us. We can help with teambuilding, facilitation, food service and events. For event set-up, we offer:

- 8ft rectangle tables (21)
- 70” large round tables (17, upon request)
- 160+ metal folding chairs
- Assorted meeting/event furniture
- LCD Projector and screen
- Speakers, microphone, and sound system
- Complimentary WiFi 
- Dishware, serving equipment, dishwasher use
- Food Service options
- List of local vendors
- Professional onsite Starfish staff for site assistance

Please note some of these resources may incur an additional cost.

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