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 Front-Line Staff: Specialists

Our front-line staff are Specialists (campers will know you as “counselors”) who live in a cabin with children and help campers have the best possible experience, which includes the basic functions of providing behavior management support, working with goals, and guiding campers through their stay. All Specialists live in cabins with children, helping ensure their time at camp is beneficial and growth-oriented. During the day, campers participate in activities and staff are spread out in several roles across camp which facilitate this. Other roles at Starfish include Leadership Roles and Support Staff Roles.

During your application and interview process, you will be asked what role(s) you are interested in, and have the opportunity to share your skills and relevant experience with our directors. Regardless of role, all first year staff receive the training, hands-on work, mentoring, and experience that can result in their Level I Care Specialist Certification.

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Group Specialists live in cabins alongside youth campers and accompany groups of campers through all daily camp activities. Responsibilities include encouraging camper participation, helping campers who may require additional time or explanation, supporting campers who may require extra attention, and implementation/monitoring of individualized behavioral plans. The group specialist role is a perfect fit for individuals wanting to work directly with campers in a broad range of camp areas and age groups.

  campmnd212 13 Lead Specialists are experienced staff who are comfortable taking on additional responsibility in the cabin. In addition to the responsibilities of a Group Specialist, Leads are also responsible for nightly check-ins with staff and oversight of bunk structure. During daily activities, Leads work with their Group Specialists to provide support and structure to the activity group as their campers participate in different program areas.


Program Specialists live in cabins alongside youth campers and are responsible for the curriculum and teaching of a specific program/activity area on camp. Program Specialists plan lessons and teach a variety of activities within a specific program area (please see list below) and may also be responsible for special events and experiences that make camp such a special place. In a typical day at camp, Program Specialists lead approximately 2-3 activity periods; the rest of the day is spent with campers in other camp activities. Like all Starfish staff, 


Program Specialists will assist campers who may need extra help and will implement and monitor individualized camper behavioral plans. Specific Specialists are hired to teach: Activate! (sensory gym), Arts & Crafts, Athletics, Boating (canoeing and kayaking), Challenge (teambuilding and ropes course), Dance, Discovery (wood working, raft building, etc.), Drama/Theatre, Learning Center (STEAM activities), Martial Arts, Music, Outdoor Cooking, Outdoor Exploration, and Small Animals.




Waterfront Specialists teach swim lessons and boating (canoes and kayaks) as well as supervise water safety at our waterfronts on Lake Monomonac. Waterfront Specialists will obtain lifeguard certification and serve as lifeguards during camp activity periods, free swims and camper reward time. Every camper receives a 1:1 swim lesson each day and Waterfront Specialists may teach anything from first-time swimmers to junior lifeguard levels. Camp Starfish will provide waterfront skills training to all Waterfront Specialists. Strong swimming skills and the ability to pass applicable training curricula tests are required. 

    While Waterfront Specialists do spend much time at the lake, they also live in cabins alongside youth campers and participate in other aspects of camp life, including assisting campers who may need extra help and implementing and monitoring individualized camper behavioral plans.
  200pixpic069 Camper Services Team (CST) Specialists work out on camp as Group Specialists as well as behind the scenes, providing support by contacting parents about campers' successes, tracking and awarding TagUp (Starfish merit badges) achievements, monitoring and coordinating campers’ goal progress and rewards, taking pictures, making sure campers return home with documentation of their skills growth, and more.
  tides1 TIDES Vista Program Advisors provide day-to-day guidance and mentorship to a small group of older teens and young adults in the TIDES (Transitional Independence & Directed Experiential Summer) program. Responsibilities include supervising summer camp activities and maintaining a safe and supportive, yet relaxed, respite setting for participants. This includes helping participants follow personal schedules, encouraging independence and self-sufficiency, and role modeling appropriate social skills. Advisors also teach life skills, such as meal prep, shopping and cooking. Unlike other positions on main camp, TIDES advisors live and work in a dormitory-style lodge.
Leadership Roles
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Administrators (“Admin”) are a team of leadership staff whose responsibilities include behavior management, program direction, staff and camper supervision and logistics management. We have a variety of administrator roles on our team, including: Village Administrators, Program Administrators, Waterfront Administrators, Camper Services Team Administrators, a TIDES Administrator, and a Staff Services Administrator. Please inquire for more information.

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Support Staff Roles

Support Staff do essential work to support the running of camp in the areas of health care, food service, maintenance, housekeeping and site safety. While they may sometimes appear "behind the scenes," camp simply doesn't happen without these dedicated, key members of our team! 

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  2021 HH Staff edited Health Assistants work under the supervision of our Camp Nurses as integral members of our Healthy House team, which is responsible for providing health care and medications for campers and staff, monitoring overall health and cleanliness standards, organizing health paperwork and maintaining camper and staff health records. Health Assistants provide first aid, triage, and ongoing care for children and adults. Our Healthy House team allows children and staff to succeed at camp by ensuring that their health needs are met in a safe, efficient, caring, and nurturing manner.

Note: To qualify for this role, we look for professionals working in the healthcare field OR students who have completed at least 2 years in a health-care field of study and have had hands-on experience.

   2021 nurseemily Camp Nurses are key members of our Healthy House team. Camp Nurses are responsible for providing health care for campers and staff, overseeing the administration of medications for campers and staff, coordinating visits to a doctor when needed, monitoring overall health and cleanliness standards, organizing health paperwork, maintaining camper and staff health records, and maintaining the medication administration records (MAR). Our Healthy House team allows children and staff to succeed at camp by ensuring that their health needs are met in a safe, efficient, caring, and nurturing manner.

Note: Nurses must have a current RN, LPN, or NP license valid in the state of New Hampshire. Compact state licenses allowed!

   2021 Food

The Summer Camp Chef / Kitchen Manager is responsible for the food service operation at camp. Please inquire for more information.

Kitchen and Cleaning Staff are vital to camp’s operations. Members of the support staff team work with the camp chef to prepare and serve three meals and two snacks each day to our camp community. In addition, support staff help maintain and ensure healthy and safe camp facilities, cleaning and sanitizing camp spaces on a daily basis.

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Site & Maintenance Staff ensure that camp is safe, clean and looking great. In addition to helping with sanitizing camp spaces, Site staff do landscaping, fix minor issues like broken screens or benches, and do general painting, upkeep and groundswork.  

The Summer Office Assistant is crucial to the operation of Starfish’s onsite camp office and is responsible for administrative duties including but not limited to: monitoring camp’s phone line, filing and managing camper and staff paperwork, assisting with opening and closing day operations, preparing and delivering camper mail, and assisting in the camp store as needed.

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