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Day Camp Session A & First Days of Activities

Greetings loyal readers!

This morning we welcomed the Day Campers from Session A and they jumped right in to an activity led by the Learning Center staff before heading off to their first swim. I saw lots of giggles when Day Camp Director Danny and Administrator Erin introduced Steve. Have you met Steve? He's our Backpack Tree. In fact, his official name is "Steve the Backpack Tree." I think his middle name is "the" but as he's a tree I'm not at all sure that it matters. Anyway, he did a great job today holding all the day campers' gear while they went swimming in Lake Monomonac and then headed on to their next activities before lunch. It's a good thing Steve is there, really, or those guys would be going back and forth to their cubbies at the day camp area all day long! 

Oh my, I have so much more to tell you! Yesterday and today have been busy, busy, busy around here! And as it's my first post of the year, you'll have to excuse my extra excitement. I love telling you all about this wonderful place and have to stop myself from writing absolutely everything I notice around camp! I think that's why I got assigned to tell you about all the wonderful activities being offered this week. 

Our Pioneers (the youngest Overnighters) and Day Campers have started visiting each of the different activity areas in rotation. There's been huge cheers for the new areas this summer of martial arts and small animal care. At Discovery, they made wooden nametags which some campers decided to wear around all day! Arts-n-crafts, Xplore, music, drama, dance and the LC are also enjoying the chance to spend time teaching our youngest friends lots of great things! Plus, of course, there's lots of swim lessons and boating going on down at the Waterfront! 

Our Navigators started their first round of Bundles today. You probably already know all this, but these campers pick activities that last one period daily for three days in a row.  Some of the bundles being offered during these first few days are:

Just for Kicks - Practice the basics of kickball, water kickball, and team kickball
while working on your diamond sports tag.

Exploring Camp - Learn to use a compass while exploring camp then make
a treasure hunt to work on your exploration tag!

Choreography 101 - Come earn your choreography tag and learn how to make a dance!

Beautify the Menagerie - Chauncey the Goat thinks that the Menagerie could use some
more color. For this bundle, we will create a painting to put on display there! This
counts towards your creativity tag!

Survivor - Learn how to be safe in nature, how to cook outdoors, and
make a survival structure to work on your outdoor living skills tag!

Hoops-n-Tricks - Come hang out at Athletics and learn some tricks
and tips for your next basketball game!  Earn your court sports tag!

Bundle choices and the activity plans for our Pioneers and Day Campers are highly anticipated as they change every few days. It just so happens that I'm very close to the Program Administrators (they store my Rig-a-Bamboo in the Program Office when I don't want to carry it around camp) and Hannah O. and Kelly gave me a quick peek at some of the upcoming choices! I'm excited to see who picks...

Meditation - Come to Martial Arts where we will do meditation and practice skills
to calm the mind and body. We will be focusing on breathing techniques and some
really cool TAI CHI. You will work towards your respect tag.

Chauncersize - Come to Small Animals to learn about Chauncey’s diet and
exercise routine. We will be taking Chauncey on a walk!

Improv Everywhere! - Learn how to think on your feet and improvise in a scene
on your own! Play fun and popular improv games while working towards your improv tag!

Paddle Master - Learn cool paddling strokes with the boating staff
and work on your boating level. 

What would you pick? I would personally sign up for "Fashion Fun" at Arts-n-Crafts, which sounds right up my alley. Princesses love to accessorize! Of course, it sounds like Pioneers and Navigators area all working on earning plenty of Tags, so they'll have plenty to show off by the end of the session! Then we can all look like royalty!

Your friend,


Princess Pat

Opening Day of Session 1

Well, hellooooo Camp Starfish!

I have been waiting for so long to make this announcement, and I'm excited to say that we have finally begun Overnight Session One! I've been at Camp Starfish since the beginning fifteen years ago, and I would just like to say that while we were obviously awesome then, every year still gets bigger and better around here! We have an astounding 11 cabins of campers - plus two tents of Beachcombers! - and over 100 staff members this summer! That's a lot of names to learn, but I think I can handle the challenge.

Speaking of challenges, we have some fantastic new program areas for our campers to participate in this summer. Don't be surprised if all of my new friends at camp come home with skills in martial arts, knowledge of building birdhouses, or teambuilding skills acquired from participating each day in our Challenge program. We hope that you're just as excited as all of the campers are; I know I sure am! 

It has been incredible today watching all the different campers and counselors interact with each other - swimming at the waterfront for first day swim checks, drawing pictures in arts and crafts, and not to mention playing on the field! Everyone has been so much fun to be around and I've already seen campers and staff working hard on using the Tools. Emily and Adam also wanted me to thank all the adults for their patience and positivity during morning check-in at the pavilion as our nurses met with each family and our campers met a counselor from their bunk and headed off to play. I've visited lots of camps over the years and I have to say, the Starfish families are tops!!

Oh! I've got to run! They might start dinner Gathering without me, and I hear I'm star of the show tonight...they're playing my song!

Until next time,


Moosehead small


Welcome to Summer 2014!

Welcome (or welcome back) to another great summer!


For those of you who don't know us yet, allow me to introduce myself and my co-bloggers. I'm Fred the Moose, and with me this summer blogging about all the goings-on at Starfish are her Majesty the Princess Pat, and, traveling all the way from Planet Poobahtron, the Peace Games Poobah. I've also heard a rumor that we might have a new friend joining our reporting crew...stay tuned for more on that later this summer! You can read our official introduction here, if you want to. 

You'd think camp would be quiet today since the campers aren't technically here yet. But there's lots of them visiting! For the past few weekends, we've been having Set Up For Success meetings to get new campers and their adults introduced to Starfish. Today it's the Day Campers' turn, and also our friends from Camp Havvago. We had almost 100 people here checking the place out and getting ready for camp to start! 

It's the last day of staff training today, too. Our Administrators have been here since May 28th and our counselors for almost two weeks! They're excited to be joined by the Overnight Session 1 kiddos who arrive tomorrow and Day Camp session A kiddos starting Monday! Can't wait to see kids back on camp! Meanwhile today they're practicing safety drills, finalizing lesson plans for activity areas, taking their official ID photos and putting up the final welcoming touches in cabins and around camp. Tonight is the Lanyard and Pin ceremony where our directors Emily and Adam give staff their blue lanyard and their "pieces of flair" including pins for each year they have been on staff, as well as recognition pins for those brave staff who took their Tools, Keys and Mission tests, for those who have become certified lifeguards, and for the proud holders of E3 and other Staff Awards or Peace Games Captaincies from last summer. When you see our staff on opening day wearing all their lanyard flair, now you'll know what all those little pins are!

I have a question for you. Since we give staff pins to recognize their years at camp, what kind of tradition do you think might be starting at Starfish this summer to recognize all our kiddos for their time at camp? I know the answer, but I'm not telling until the first night campfire! I'll let you guess and get excited in the meantime... 

Your Faithful Camp Correspondent,

Moosehead small


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