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Session 2-XL Opening Day!

Hello new families! Today is the first day of session 2-XL! So many exciting things are happening today. We have Camp Havvago here for the next 5 days, we have Camp Havvago Beachcombers for the first time, a new day camp session (Session C) has started AND we have our 19-day overnight campers, all coming today! So many new names for me to learn…I hope moose (mooses? meece?) have good memories!

Havvago campers arrived early this morning with our friends Cid and Sue from the Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts, and wow, were they all very excited to be here! They bring so much joy to our camp community and like with all our kiddos, the counselors are eager to have them back for another great year! During these next 5 days, these campers will be traveling with their bunks going to different activities like waterfront, boating, music, and athletics. They’re going to have a great time and I can’t wait to get to know them.

This is the third year of Camp Havvago, and this year for the first time there’s a group of Havvago Beachcombers! Cid and the Starfish Beachcombers staff, along with 4 pioneering Havvago teens, are sleeping out at the Grove near Crescent Beach in the platform tents. They get to cook their own meals, have campfires, do teambuilding activities and still get to join in camp activities…sounds like fun! Maybe I should try being a Beachcomber sometime soon.

Everyone seems to be really into camp right now despite how hot the weather is today. Let’s hope the weather will stay warm this session so all the campers and counselors can have a great time!! The 19-day campers are also super excited about being here. Today they all got to go swimming, take a tour of camp, unpack all their clothes, and get to know their bunkmates, the other campers and their counselors. These 19-day campers seem like a lot of fun this session. I can’t wait for the surprise they get at the end of the week on the transition day when our Havvago campers head home and our 14-day campers arrive…but that’s a surprise so I’ll say no more right now.

Moosehead small

 Off to visit with Bunk 6 as they head to the field for some Athletics,

- Fred

Session 1, Day 13

Hellooooo Camp Starfish!poobah smaller

Let me introduce myself – I’m the Poobah. The Peace Games Poobah, that is! If you spend time at camp you know that I come from Planet Poobahtron to visit during Peace Games at the end of each session to help the Captains catch campers following directions and earning points for their teams! I host the Peace Games opening and closing day ceremonies, hear the red and blue teams sing their songs in the sing-off, and announce the winner of the Peace Games.

I hope everyone is doing well at home today…here at camp we’re Poobahrific! Today is the final full day of session 1! What a session it has been! It flew by so fast, I can hardly believe it. Today is Peace Games closing ceremony and Tag-Up day - the day campers choose all the activities they will go to so they can finish earning those sought-after, colorful Tags to bring home and show their family and friends! It’s also Closing Campfire and Wishstones night.  

Let me tell you about this session’s Peace Games, though! Throughout my time here, I have never seen such hard working campers trying to earn points…they’re really using their Starfish Tools and Keys (such as giving compliments and apologizing)! Other ways campers have earned points is by listening to their counselors, going to bed at a reasonable hour, having perfect camper-counselor lines, picking up litter, and of course taking super-fast showers!! Tonight the red and blue teams faced off against each other in a camp-wide relay. Parts of the relay consisted of singing a camp song, organizing a bin of markers into color piles, doing a cinnamon roll on the beach, and as is traditional, the famed field water relay with the two oldest bunks to finish things out. In the end, the score was tied - 7,500,478 points each - so both the red and blue teams were declared winners in a Starfish Tie! And, we beat Camp Joy – with 7,500,473 - by 5 points!

After the relay, everyone went back to the gathering spot for the closing campfire. We sang some favorites – like “Lean on Me.” Everyone puts their arms around each other, sings and has a great time; it is a special moment for everyone during the closing campfire. Both counselors and campers reminisced on the good times this session, and campers each threw a stone with their initials on it into the wishing well, where it stays forever. It was a perfect and fitting end to a great session of camp!

poobah head

Until next Peace Games,

The Poobah

Session 1, Day 11

Hey everybody!

It’s Princess Pat again (Fred has decided to join the other moose today). Fred told you we had some furry friends come to visit us today...they were from Curious Creatures! They usually come once a session and bring a ton of animals for the campers to meet. A camp favorite is the chinchilla (you can see campers petting one in the picture to the right). Did you know? chinchillaChinchillas are the softest animal in the world and can’t get wet because they have so much fur that it would never dry! In order to clean themselves, they take dust baths...that's right, they bathe in dust! Some other animals who came to visit camp were Sonic the Hedgehog, a rabbit, some snakes (including a boa constrictor), a turtle, and an alligator. On behalf of everyone here at camp, we want to thank the AGM Summer Fund and Sean, the host from Curious Creatures, for giving all our campers and staff this awesome experience!

Around camp, there were a lot of good things happening today. Day Camp was having fun in the water and on the field. Day Campers are also having their Thursday-night camp-out this week. Neil, the Day Camp Administrator, told me that they 9 of the 12 day campers are participating - the most ever on a SFDC overnight! They will be having a marsh roast, sleeping in tents, and having loads of fun! Beachcombers are still out on their camping trip, hiking in the Mt. Sunapee region of New Hampshire - a place Fred tells me is mooserific! Hopefully they didn’t get too hot on this blistering day.

CSess1PGCaptains webamp had another very special evening program today - it was the PEACE GAMES OPENING CEREMONY!!!!! The captains were announced for the red and blue team - a great honor (congrats to Kristy, Rachel, Kelly and Tyler!), and each bunk found out what team they would be on. Each team learned their song and chant, everyone was cheering each other on, and so many of our campers earned Peace Games points today! It's a red and blue world here at Starfish since everyone is dressed up for Peace Games! I wonder if there's another reason we should be wearing red, white and blue...?


Your friend,

Princess P.

Session 1, Day 10

Hey guys, I’m back! Princess Pat filled in for me the other day as I was just too busy having fun to take any notes!

The Beachcombers set out on their big adventure yesterday. The weather wasn’t pleased and neither were we to see them go! I heard from some of my friends a couple forests over that they’ve settled in nicely to their new campsite and are enjoying the campfire cooking immensely.

The Day Campers are back! I saw them enjoying their free swim this afternoon in the heat and humidity of the day. Tomorrow’s theme day for them is Safari! I can’t wait to see the awesome animal costumes they come up with.

Today was a great day for that lucky few on camp who have been working so hard on their goals that they were rewarded with a special Milestone group reward of a slip ‘n’ slide spectacular on the field during rest hour! There was foam, tubes, and even a beach ball that sprayed out water! I was pretty jealous of those 8 lucky campers … it was getting a little hot hiding in the trees.

Tonight was a very special activity during Evening Program … the Camper Talent Show! There were so many great acts ranging from acoustic guitar sessions to annual acts like The Great Zambinis (hailing from the land of No-Talent) and the Wet and Soggy crew…they really love their water! There were so many acts that Evening Program spilled over time a bit, but no one noticed because all the campers were engaged having a good time watching their peers up on stage. And, there wasn't a dry eye in the place when a long-time camper who will be graduating from camp after her session this summer, got up on stage and sang "You Are My Sunshine," with plenty of extra verses she'd written herself.

Tomorrow a very special visitor is coming with some cute and furry friends…but I shall say no more and it’ll be a surprise! (I hope Chauncey isn't jealous...)

moose emailsmall

Your friend,


Session 1, Day 8

Happy July, ladies and gentleman! My name is Princess Pat. I am beloved by allPrincess small of camp, especially the Star girls and Day-campers who love to sing my song!

We missed the day campers today since they were home for the weekend in between Sessions A & B. Their energy was definitely missed in program and at lunch in the dining hall! But a new friend came to camp today, Chauncey the Goat! Chauncey is living in a new paddock behind the Book Nook and has quickly become a camp sensation! Campers are enjoying petting and feeding her - and even helping give her a bath! Chauncey loves to eat - especially grass, hay and Goat Treats, but just to be careful, when I stop by I always leave my Rig-a-Bam-Boo just out of reach.

Today, the Beachcombers spent the morning in Xplore! learning outdoor living skills like building a tent and cooking over a fire. This afternoon they also went on a three-hour canoe trip around Lake Monomonac! They explored the inlets and channels that most campers rarely ever get to see. Good thing I went along, since I know all about those channels (incidentally, it’s where my friend Captain Jack sank his ship).

The evening’s weather took a bit of a turn around dinner, but we switched up evening program so that everyone got to participate in activities with their bunk and stay dry at the same time! I saw some of the Fish bunks in Arts & Crafts, on a Scavenger Hunt, and playing "Minute to Win It"! When I traipsed across camp to Star, I saw some awesome dance moves at the All-Star Dance Party! Then campers started brushing their teeth for bed, and I myself, became overcome with the good tiredness that comes from a busy and fun day at camp.


Your friend,

Princess P.

Session 1, Day 6

Hey everyone!

Fred the Moose here again updating you on Jamboree today! Regular activities were suspended today and the campers got to spend time with their bunk and their bunk counselors all day instead! Each bunk traveled together the whole day, participating in activities they chose as a group, including Free Swim, Arts & Crafts, Gimp, Moose-ic (get it?), salon parties, dance parties, sandcastle making and GaGa!

I have heard nothing but positive words about the day from both campers and counselors! booknookI know Bunks 2 and 10 loved their respective morning and afternoon trips to Blueberry Island, an island off the far coast of camp where children can disembark from their boats and swim in between two islands! Bunks 1 & 3 loved their chill day of salon parties and music. All of the Fish bunks had a blast playing Deal or No Deal, participating in free swim, and just hanging out in the Book Nook or the Game Playce. To top off this marvelous day, Camp Starfish rolled the red carpet out of both doors of the dining hall for its once-a-session Movie Night! All campers showed up in their PJ best and enjoyed a Starfish premiere on the big screen.

I can't wait to tell you all about a surprise coming to camp tomorrow!

moose emailsmall

Your friend,


Session 1, Day 4

Hi everybody!

Yesterday the weather here at camp was pretty hot, but luckily the rain cooled everything down towards the end of the day! Camp is running smoothly and all the campers are enjoying their programs. Sure, the weather isn't the best, but we don't stop for rain..."we'll be together, whatever the weather, sharing and caring a lot!" (For those of you who don't know, that is how we summon our Weatherbugs at Gathering each morning).lego small

Today was another fun day at camp for everyone. The campers were engaged in all their programs and it was the last day of activity bundle 1 for our Navigators. New bundles start tomorrow, which means new activities are being chosen this afternoon. The weather cleared up for Freeplay and one of our camp photographers snapped this photo of some of the Fish Village boys playing at the new outdoor lego tables.

Tonight, the Beachcombers get back from their off-site trip. When they checked in with the camp office last night, they were just about to sit down to a scrumptious campfire dinner of BBQ meatballs and veggie kabobs that they had cooked themselves. Then they were turning in early so they could get up to hike Mt. Sunapee this morning!

Camp is getting excited about Jamboree tomorrow...

moose emailsmall

Your friend,


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