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Session 2 Day 10

Finally! It is about time we have cooler weather! It felt so nice out today and so many people were happy to get a little bit of rain! The rain certainly cooled everything off so we were able to enjoy camp more.

I saw many amazing things happening around camp like people sharing, a lot of teamwork in athletics and a really good clean up during rest hour in both villages! Everyone was participating really well in all their activities today. I also saw a lot of people having fun down at the waterfront, passing swim tests, playing in the deep end, and playing Marco Polo.

Tonight was also the camper talent show and bunks 5, 6 and 7 had their overnight. So many people participated in the talent show! There was a wide range of talents. They included long-time favorites The Great Zambini’s and Wet and Soggy, where people dump little cups of water on other people in the act, then at the end, a whole pitcher of water gets dumped on someone! Many songs were also sung, and some campers sang solos, while others performed with friends or with their favorite counselors. Fun was had by all and Adam reminded me to give everyone a huge shout-out for being respectful during the show, and cheering loudly for each act.

After the talent show, bunks 5, 6, and 7 packed up their sleeping bags and pillows and headed out to Crescent Beach for an overnight. When they got there, everyone was assigned a tent space, got settled in, had a campfire and made gooey s’mores (of course!).

Tomorrow is the Peace Games Opening Ceremonies, so at rest hour each bunk will find out if they have been placed on the red or the blue team. It’s always a surprise!

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Wow, so many visitors came to camp today! Let’s see, there were neighbors from around the lake, alumni campers, members of the Board of Directors, potential campers and their families, parents of staff, and more! People came to visit, learn about camp, see us in action and of course enjoy a BBQ lunch. Two returning campers who have been rocking their use of the Keys and Tools, R.R. from Fish Village and S.D. from Star, donned Camp Ambassador nametags and took our visitors on guided tours of camp. They were so proud of themselves and we were proud of them too!

Everyone ate outside – the weather was beautiful! And in addition to yummy pasta salad, burgers and hotdogs, and fresh watermelon, the kitchen had a very special surprise for us – popsicles! Campers and staff compared the color of their tongues after licking the popsicles (blue and green looked the funniest) and then got down to some serious singing! We had skits, an amazing rendition of the Great Zambinis (on tour from Planet No Talent), and of course TONS of songs led by campers and staff, sing-a-long and repeat-after-me style. Check out some of these pics:

snack2 snack3 snacknsing
Guests join campers and staff listening while the wonderful Kitchen Girls perform a song in native Hungarian! Executive Director Emily G. visiting with neighbors and friends of camp Bill and Harriet. It was standing room only at the sing-a-long after lunch while guests, alumni, campers, families and friends enjoyed time together.

Later tonight, bunks 8, 9 and 10 are going on their overnight camp-out, where they will be making dinner over the campfire, telling campfire stories, and cooking s’mores. I’ve even heard a rumor that there’s a Polar Bear swim planned for 7 a.m. tomorrow for those brave enough to take a wake-up dip! You won’t catch me blogging about that…I’ll still be sleeping!

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Your friend,



Session 2 Day 6

Hey Everyone!

Your favorite Princess here again :) It has been incredibly hot here at camp these past few days, so I’ve been trying to stay in the shade, along with everyone else! We're taking nonstop Hydration Station breaks and the awesome kitchen staff has been nice enough to fill all our cups with ice water at each meal so everyone drinks a cup before having any juice or milk. They do nice things like that for us, and we really appreciate it!

Since everyone has been following all the Starfish Tools and Keys extremely well, and keeping such a positive attitude through all the heat and haze, our directors decided to take the whole camp on a spontaneous field trip to two different places where there is air conditioning!ballpit

The day campers, along with bunks 3, 5, and 6 went to a three-story indoor playground! There was a ball pit, slides, a climbing wall, and many colored tunnels where our campers could crawl through, play games and pretend they were going on different adventures. We were so tired after playing all afternoon that when we were coming back to camp, it seemed like most of the bus was falling asleep…counselors included!

Bunks 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, and 10 went bowling with my friend Fred. He told me that there were some pretty serious bowling games going on! People were getting a ton of spares and he heard groups of campers and counselors cheer every once in a while when someone would get a strike. Everybody kept a great winners’ attitude throughout the time there and had a really good time! There were some sleepy folks on that bus on the way home, too! And, since both groups did such a great job following all of camp’s rules while out on the trip, we might be able to convince the directors to do something like this again in the future!

The Snack-n-Sing is coming up in a few days! Loads of visitors will be at camp checking out what everyone is doing, enjoying a picnic lunch and a huge singalong. Should be a good day here!


More soon,

Princess P.



Session 2 Day 4

Happy Wednesday!

Here at camp it’s Day 9 of 19 - or day 4 of 14 depending on how you’re keeping track of Session 2XL and Session 2! Time is flying by—and we are having so much fun. It’s continuously hot…hotter than Rindge, NH has seen in many years in fact – and we are visiting Hydration Stations here on camp every 10 minutes and as needed to make sure we all stay safe and happy.

Today was my favorite day at the waterfront… SUPER FREE SWIM! This means all day on the waterfront campers can use inflatable tubes and float around all day to get a break from Swim-I (that’s pronounced “swim-eye” and is camp lingo for Instructional Swim, which just sounds too boring to exist!). Today’s waterfront time was incredibly appreciated today to get cooled off before heading to all the other fun activities we had planned.

Guess what? The blueberries are finally out on camp and ready to pick! And just in time; today we had a blueberry hike during Electives where campers roamed camp with counselors and picked blueberries! Yum! And while that was going on, Day Camp had their theme day - Detective Day - and all the program areas had fun Detective activities planned for their them. So much fun!My-Mini-Golf-

Bunk 6 got to break out our new mini golf set for Evening Program tonight. That was incredibly fun and really cool to be a part of! I didn't even need a club because I just used my Rig-a-Bam-Boo to knock the ball in! We set up a course to play on but one of the coolest things about the set is that campers can pick up each piece and reorganize them, combine them differently to make new holes, and spread them out all over camp in endless combinations! So cool! Other evening programs tonight which were also awesome included Sunset Swim, Counselor Parade, Camo, and Minute to Win It.

Our tool of the day today was “I Try New Things,” and I definitely saw campers stepping up and trying new things! Everyone had an amazing day and managed to stay cool. Can’t wait until tomorrow…maybe it will cool down?


Bye for now...

Princess P.


Session 2, Day 3

Hey everyone!

Sorry it’s been a few days since I’ve written. I’ve been pretty busy meeting the new campers and going to activities for the past few days. I can already tell this session is going to be amazing with campers who have a variety of talents to share with everyone.

Today was another hot day at here at camp, but everyone stayed nice and cool with water games like drip-drip-drop and extra swimming time. As I was observing everyone, they all looked like they were having fun and stopping for lots and lots of water and sunscreen breaks!

I’ve been seeing some really fun activities from the Program Staff! In drama, there was a Costume Making bundle that looked like a lot of fun, and in Music, the Navigators were expressing themselves through writing songs! I’m confident that a lot of the songs were just as amazing as my song…what a talented group of campers here at Starfish! gaga

Some other things I saw around camp was a great game of GaGa during Free Play. Everyone was following directions, being honest and having a winner’s attitude (and, also apparently practicing their levitation skills...check out that lift in the photo to the right!). Something I really enjoyed seeing was at the end of each game, the two last people shook hands and congratulated one another before everyone hopped in for the next round.

The counselor talent show was tonight, and all the campers had a good laugh at their counselors acting pretty silly up on stage! One of the all-time favorite acts here at camp is The Great Zambinis, who come from the Planet of No-Talent to show all of Camp Starfish their greatest (no) talents. Some things they do are touch their nose, roll up their sleeve, and stand on one foot. For humans it might seem easy, but the Zambinis had to practice for a long time to be able to do their talents well (hmmm…I wonder if counselors ever talk about the Great Zambinis when campers are working on the Tool of trying new things? I should check on that…!)

Another funny favorite act is Wet and Soggy. Counselors sang a song and poured water on other people’s arms, leg, shoe, elbow, and head. Bet they felt good after that! I avoid participating in Wet and Soggy because I have enough problems getting juice in my fur everytime we sing my song! Some of the better talents included singing, especially the kitchen girls who sang a Hungarian folk song, the British Table where four counselors from England lie in chairs with their heads on each others legs and then balance in mid-air as the chairs are taken away one at a time! Then they sing part of the English National Anthem before the “table” they made collapses! Do you think everyone in Britain knows this important skill, or is it only British people who have come to Camp Starfish? I’ll have to ask one of the guys…

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'Til next time,


Session 2 Begins!

It’s opening day of Session 2! The 19-day campers got to go swimming at the waterfront for 2 whole hours yesterday while the 14-day campers arrived. I saw splash “fights” going on, the tubes were out, people were jumping into the deep end, and there was even kayaking and canoeing! I wish I was able to join in all the fun, especially since it was really hot today. Instead I was on the field greeting everyone, which was also very fun!

After our yummy welcome lunch, each bunk got to visit the waterfront for swim checks, take a tour of camp, meet the nurses at Healthy House, experience some activity areas such as arts & crafts or athletics, and play get-to-know-you games with their new bunkmates. After dinner, we had goals meeting in the dining hall as we usually do each night before evening program. It went really well, with everyone meeting up with counselor goal buddies and talking over their plans for goals (and the 19-day campers continuing their scoring towards rewards they decided on last week). Tomorrow the 14-day campers begin earning points and the first Milestone is only days away! I’ve heard that every camper who earns at least 12 points on at least 2 goals by day 3 will be eligible for the Pop-palooza Milestone – yummy POPsicles and a dance party with POP music, what could be better?! I better get working on my goals so I can join in the fun!carryingzak

There was also a campfire tonight. We sang our favorite camp songs together – I like “Lean on Me” and “Linger” the best – and we were introduced to all the program areas on camp like the waterfront, the Learning Center and Athletics. The waterfront staff even carried Zak, one of the Waterfront Administrators, to the introductions while he was sitting in a kayak! I guess you have to be really strong to work on the Waterfront!  

Can’t wait for all the program areas to start tomorrow and for all the campers and counselors to find out what activity groups they are in! Oh...I almost forgot to tell you the rest of the joke from yesterday! When the man decided he wanted to keep his mustache, the he said it was because...wait for it...wait for it..."it really GREW ON HIM!" Hahahahaha...

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More tomorrow,



Last day of Camp Havvago 2013

Hello Starfish friends and families!

Despite the cloudy weather today, our 19-day campers still had fun at the Luau! Campers got to swim all day, listen to music, play some games on the beach, enjoy a picnic lunch, and hang out with everyone. Fun was had by all, but we were exhausted and definitely ready for rest hour when it was over!shirt

All the Havvago campers left while our 19-day campers were at the Luau. I was sad to see them go because they were so much fun to hang out with, but we had lots of fun at the Visiting Day! Parents and friends came to pick up their children, experience a bit of camp, have a picnic lunch and see a slideshow of everything their campers have been doing while at Starfish. Campers went home wearing a shirt made here at camp just for them, with all their names silkscreened on it, and signed with messages by their counselors. We will look forward to seeing our Havvago friends again next July!

Tomorrow starts the 14-day part of Session 2! That means I get to meet all our new campers and welcome back our returners…I can’t wait! It will be a busy day, so I’m going to get some rest. But before I go, I have a joke for you: “A man decided he wanted to have a mustache, but then couldn’t decide if he liked it. When he finally decided he wanted to keep it, what reason did he give?” I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow…

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Your friend,



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