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Welcome to "Scribbles In the Sand!" 

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Meet Your Bloggers

Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are Fred the Moose (I'm the one with the antlers and the Press Pass stuck in my hat), the Princess Pat (I'm the one with the crown and my red, gold and purple-too rig-a-bamboo) and last but certainly not least, the Peace Games Poobah (the one who looks like he got caught in a purple, red and blue paint storm). It's our job (and what a great job it is!) to keep you up to date on what's happening up at camp.

Each winter when we travel to the CCABIN Conference (that's Camp Characters and Blogging Interactive Network, of course) we hear from some of our colleagues that their camps post hundreds of pictures online every day while camp is in session! Whew! That's a lot of work, and I bet people back home spend hours scouring the pics for glimpses of their kiddos at camp. Emily and Adam have asked us to remind you (using our most polite manners, of course) that Starfish doesn't post pictures online of campers currently at camp for several reasons. First and foremost, for safety. Second is because time at camp is meant to be respite for everyone, and we'd hate for that awesome time to be wasted looking for proof of your camper having fun at camp! (Poobah, Pat and I see most everything that happens at camp and can assure you the kids are doing great.) The last reason - and most fun for us! - is because we save them up for the grand premiere of the Summer Slideshow, which campers, staff, family and friends get to enjoy together on Visiting Day at the end of the session. So with all that, it's lucky, really, that we have this blog to share what's going on up in Rindge! 

The three of us make regular appearances at Starfish in camp songs (you can listen to Pat's by clicking here), at Gatherings, at Peace Games, and sometimes just watching quietly from the sidelines. In the case of myself and the Princess, our presence is also frequently requested at camp sing-a-longs across the country! (We're certain that Starfish is the only camp that knows about Planet Poobahtron, but the Poobah spends so much time traveling to get here in time for the Peace Games opening ceremony that he couldn't visit other camps anyways!) But don't worry, Starfish is by far our favorite place to be, and one of us is always here to make sure you get the details on all the fun happening in Rindge! 

If you ever have any questions, or want us to do a special report for you, the Camper Services Team can always find us - feel free to drop them an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to sharing our camp spirit with you and keeping you up-to-date all summer long! 
Your Faithful Camp Correspondents,

Moosehead small princessfac1e poobah head

Fred, Princess & Poobah 

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