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The Starfish Leadership Council (SLC) is a developing program at Starfish that is designed to connect individuals who have an interest in the work Starfish is doing. Ideally, through participation in the SLC, they can grow their interest into engagement and support of that work. Through their engagement, members of the SLC are provided an opportunity to forge connections with like-minded individuals while increasing the reach of the Starfish message to a broader community.


  1. Engage community leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and friends of Starfish around networking opportunities, learning events, and Camp Starfish programs.
  2. Develop a group of individuals who consider Starfish to be a non-profit of interest, and who share their knowledge of the organization with others in their personal and professional networks.
  3. Foster an environment of participation which capitalizes on the skills, knowledge and unique talents of each individual member of the Council, opening potential future opportunities for organizational leadership at the governance level.


  1. One annual networking event focusing on a learning opportunity/presentation/speaker, etc.
  2. Attendance at one Starfish program — the summer Snack-n-Sing in July. Council members are encouraged to bring family, friends, colleagues, etc. to the Snack-n-Sing and will have a chance to meet campers, get a tour of camp, and see what Starfish is all about.
  3. Invitations to be as involved in other Starfish events as often as individual members wish.
  4. Quarterly email updates about the goings-on at Starfish.
  5. A clear and simple process for nominating others to the Council.
  6. Provision of useful, simple informational tools to help members spread the message of Starfish to others.


If you are interested in joining this dynamic group of individuals and, in the process helping Starfish, please contact our Executive Director.

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