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A200pix03By definition, a “beachcomber” is someone who searches out areas  to look for things of value or interest. Starfish Beachcombers will be doing just that in this exciting new program by stretching their horizons in the great  outdoors. By challenging themselves with tent living, outdoor cooking, hiking, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and opportunities to experience nature at its finest, Beachcomber teens will learn, grow and have fun in new and exciting ways. Each Beachcomber session is open to both boys  and girls (of course, sleeping arrangements are always single-gender and  supervised by staff who live in the tents with teens).

Teens who sign up for  this trip must be willing and able to carry their own backpack, spend time outdoors, try new things, be a helpful and supportive teammate, and follow the Starfish Tools as modeled by their counselors. 

In addition to the Starfish staff your teens know and love, trip leaders with wilderness first aid certifications and extensive outdoor leadership training  will be supervising each trip, and professional outfitters will be guiding our  rafting and kayaking experiences. For teens ready to try a new experience  with familiar Starfish style and support, this is the chance of a lifetime. 

Off-Site Trips
The Beachcombers program is housed at a "base camp" on camp, and travels off-site regularly. The 5-day Lite program does day trips in the local area (such as climbing Mt. Monadnock) and a 1-night overnight at Mt. Sunapee. During the 9-day program, in addition to local day trips, the teens participate in a 4-day, 3-night trip which includes hiking in the Mt. Sunapee region of NH and white-water rafting the Zoar Gap on the Deerfield River in MA.

The "Comber Code" and "Waterways System"
As with all Starfish programs, the emotional and physical safety of campers is our first priority. Click any of the below documents to learn more about the way we make sure that teens (1) are held accountable for their choices and (2) can influence their own level of priveleges through safe participation.


In addition to the Tools and Keys, Beachcombers has a "Comber Code" which outlines the expectations of participants in the program. Beachcombers take great pride in Combing by the Code.

waterwaysagreement A level system called the Waterways has been designed to ensure that teens' priveleges and participation is on par with the level of maturity and safety they show staff. All teens enter the program at the neutral "Ponds" level and can "travel the waterways" from there. During the first afternoon at camp, the counselors explain to teens about the Waterways and everyone signs the agreement. Teens are very motivated to join the "Oceans!"

On the first afternoon in the program, each teen creates a walking stick from wood they find during an on-site hike. Each night at the campfire, teens (and staff!) explain how they earned the day's walking stick beads, and tie their new beads onto their walking stick. Sticks and beads go home with teens after camp. Click to see how beads are earned during Beachcombers.

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