200pixpic014You asked, and we listened!  Camp Starfish is proud to now offer Sibling Camp, a program designed specifically for the siblings of Starfish campers! 

As the brother, sister or relative of a Starfish camper (or someone who could be a Starfish camper!), siblings might sometimes feel left out or different themselves.  Making friends who can relate to what they’re going through allows siblings to feel less “alone” or different from their peers. It’s comforting for them to see firsthand that they aren’t the only kid who has to have playdates outside their own home or who participates in family therapy sessions to help their brother or sister. Sibling Camp presents the perfect opportunity for children to:

        - Make connections and friendships with others who “just get it.”
        - Get individualized attention that may be harder to come by when siblings/relatives have high needs
        - Get a break, have some fun, just be a kid!
        - Experience camp without having to "look out for" or "explain" their higher-need sibling/relative

Sibling Camp is based out of our brand new conference and retreat center, Crescent Lodge, where campers will enjoy single-gender dorm style sleeping (always supervised by staff), indoor bathrooms, and a small group dynamic and a lot of staff attention. The program has a staff-to-camper ratio of 1:4 or better.

Children will participate in activities that promote healthy coping skills, empathy, and social skills with qualified staff and alongside peers who really “get” them; while also enjoying traditional camp fun such as boating, swimming, athletics, arts and crafts, campfires, and more!  Sibling Camp emphasizes that every child is a valuable member of the community, and celebrates campers for who they are individually, without comparing them to others.  This program is a great respite opportunity for families with children ages 6-14!

Sibling Camp is available for children ages 6-14 who live with or are close relations of current or former Starfish campers (or who could be - that is, youth with higher needs). If you have a potential camper for the Sibling program who requires significant additional support (beyond a 1:4 ratio of staff to campers), please email or call and speak with us at the office before applying. 

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