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In our main camp programs for campers ages 6-13, our goal is to provide campers with an engaging, fun, safe, nurturing program that sets them up for success. Unique to Camp Starfish is our 1:1 staff ratio, which is maintained at all times. Each camper is part of a cabin group of 4-6 campers and at least that many staff members. Cabin groups spend time together each day at meals, rest hour, evening program, and during a nightly cabin meeting just before bed. The Starfish staff are mature, exceptional young adults who are extensively trained to help campers build social competency, interact appropriately with others, and develop their individual skills and goals while at camp. Our program integrates the Starfish Tools (coping skills) and Keys (social skills) into everything we do.

Surrounded by the support of our staff and the increased confidence which comes from positive interactions with their peers, campers participate in "traditional" camp activities, such as arts-n-crafts, swim instruction, boating, nature exploration, sports, drama, music, athletics, and more. Our camp days are structured, with plenty of forecasting and an emphasis on safe fun. And special events, such as Peace Games or Jamboree, fill each session with special memories.

Learn more about our Main Camp programs by clicking on any of these programs:


Navigators (1:1)
This is our core program for younger campers and offers 14- and 19-day overnight sessions for boys and girls ages 6-13.


Lite (1:1)
This 5-day, 4-night session offers the best elements of our traditional overnight program, condensed into a 5-day, 4-night "try camp" experience. It is for boys and girls ages 6-13, and while many are first-timers, plenty of our Lite campers just like the shorter camp session!

campmnd212 50 Fiver (1:1)
This 5-day, 4-night program (so named due to its home base in Bunk 5) is only for boys ages 6-9 and is designed as a first-timer experience. It's similar to our Lite Week, but Fivers are one bunk of campers (maximum 5 kiddos at a time), at camp within the larger 14-day Main Camp Session. 


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